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Safeport Audits is the world’s most sophisticated workplace safety auditing application.

Safeport Audits improves Workplace Safety With Cutting-Edge Auditing Technology.

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Built in project structural system, to keep your inspections organized.

Improving Workplace Safety With Cutting-Edge Auditing Technology

When it comes to your job site or workplace, why risk the safety of your workers, your clients, or yourself? Within the construction industry, workplace hazards can often be prevented. In addition, many potential workplace accidents within the manufacturing industry, the maritime industry, the agricultural industry, and many others can easily be avoided.


With Safeport Audits, your premiere workplace safety and auditing application specifically designed for today’s businesses. Using cutting-edge technology, Safeport Audits works to increase workplace and job site safety simply through top-notch auditing software brought right to your computer, mobile device, or tablet.

In order to ensure that all possible hazards are prevented before they happen, you should regularly audit you job site or workplace to identify any at-risk procedures, faulty equipment, or injury risks for your workers.

Trust us, conducting workplace safety audits has never been easier!

How Does It Work?

Safeport Audits is easy to use, is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android, and offers users a simple interface that is simply and quick to navigate. Instantly pull up a checklist relevant to your specific job site, collect consistent data, send reports, and much more! The goal with Safeport Audits is to ensure that all of your job sites and workplaces are kept safe, so that you and your team of workers can accomplish all of your tasks without hazard.

Minimize Paperwork & Increase Job-Site Monitoring
When designing Safeport Audits, we had the safety inspector and auditor in mind. Our goal was to find a way to minimize paperwork, reduce office time, and increase time spent at the workplace or on the job site, so that we can ensure that the experts entrusted in making our job sites safer places can be out in the field making a difference.

If you ask us about our ultimate goal, we’ll tell you that it’s to make auditing simple, minimize administrative work, and let safety inspectors and auditors spend more time at job sites.

Why We Designed The World’s Most Sophisticated Workplace Safety Auditing Application:

Because our team is built around the knowledge, expertise, and experience of former construction professionals, manufacturing workers, and maritime or agricultural specialists, we’re well aware of every layer of safety that needs to be addressed and ensured throughout nearly every project.

For that very reason, we recruited a team of engineers and developers to help us solve the complex and deep-rooted problem of workplace hazards within our former industries. In order to help offer a viable solution to these problems, we set out to develop a cutting-edge and advanced workplace safety auditing application that can be applied across a number of industries, and is compatible with today’s devices and technologies to help drive usability, efficiency, and safety all across the board.

  • Inspecting on the Go.

    – Take pictures and mark them up
    – Open Item tracking
    – Countermeasure tracking
    – Audit score tracking

  • Track your work progress.

    – Open Item tracking
    – Countermeasure tracking
    – Audit score tracking
    – Audit finding tracking

  • Export data easily.

    – Generate reports directly through the application
    – Export in PDF

  • Notifications

    – Instantly send reports
    – Use push notifications to instantly send alerts for non-conforming items

  • Connect with people quickly.

    – Instantly notify responsible parties of open items
    – Send inspection report to the responsible party instantly

  • Administrative controls

    – Analytic tools
    – Assign permissions
    – Automatic backup


The very best benefit that Safeport Audits offers to users, is that it’s highly user-intuitive interface makes the application simple to use on a daily basis. Forget about lengthy checklists, complicated instructions, and time consuming report generations – in fact, each of these processes conversely impedes workplace and job site safety simply because they’re inefficient!

When we designed Safeport Audits, we wanted to offer the most advanced, cutting-edge, and efficient auditing application that the market has ever seen. And not only have we achieved that goal, we believe that we’ve far exceeded it!

Safeport Audits helps to create a sense of responsibility and accountability all throughout your team. If you’re a foreman or a project manager, use Safeport Audits to ensure that every last task on your safety checklist is delegated to the right parties.

From there, use the application to verify the completion of every task on the checklist or send push notifications for non-complete or non-conforming items directly to the team or individual that you delegated them to.

Safeport Audits will help to engage everyone on your jobsite or within your workplace and encourage them to work together to ensure that the utmost safety is always ensured throughout the entire length of the project.

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